I'm  Joe Wall

My role is Sales and Account management at Raysafe Workwear.

Raysafe Workwear was established in 1996 to manufacture in Australia a New range of Uniforms, specifically to the Australian Government, at the local sector. 

Raysafe didn't initially start out to produce the first eco work shirt, but was looking to produce the most comfortable work shirt on the planet.

As it turns out to have a Bamboo Rich product provides everything we were looking for and more with a truly sustainable fibre.

Myself personally I have always had a love, hate relationship for this industry, that might seem ironic but what do I actually mean by this? which i'll try and answer.

There are 2 reasons for this - Sustainability and Offshore Manufacturing.

In mid 2019, I visited our overseas vertical manufacturing operations in China, whereby we knit our fabrics, dye e.t.c.

From a production point of view if you want a MILLION GARMENTS, we have that ability to produce that for you.

We have partnered with one of the biggest fabric knitters and makers in China.

But to produce these shirts, does impact the environment from a petrochemical component from the outer shell and if you use cotton the impact that this is having on the environment you only have to Google to see what's going on there.

So we have to start somewhere.

To implement change.

And Bamboo is that little fire, that little start, we believe that will achieve that.

"We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference."

- Nelson Mandela

The other point of note is to produce a Made In Australia product is way more expensive.

You wouldn't be remiss in saying its out the back door from a pricing point view.

This has resulted in lower price points for Raysafe to manufacture here in Sydney to compete at the national level and to  produce our bamboo rich shirts in China.

Come full circle 2020 over 7 months into COVID19 and the need for Australia Made products has become more evident and exposed Australia to a lack of skills in the manufacturing sector.

The reality of this will require a lot of financial investment from the government to upskill a generation to produce local manufacturing from the grassroots level.

Raysafe has always had a great emphasis on Made to Order in Sydney and has been a registered, certified Government Supplier,

since 1996.

So how did I become involved in work wear?

I have always been involved in sales and manufacturing.

One of my first jobs in Sydney was working at Instant Scaffolds in Artarmon, Sydney and pumping out scaffolding as a  labourer on the factory floor for the Brisbane Commonwealth Games in 1988.

From there I went into an account sales management role with a boutique bakery.

Then a charitable organisation, whereby with 2 other sales reps, one being my twin brother Eddy we grew a customer base from 700 to 2500 in about 18 months.

I have had some great fails on the way also whereby I look back and laugh, which wasn't funny at the time, I think I was crying actually.

We have never had issues with getting customers and maintaining good relationships, but a business plan - what's that look like?

My brother, Eddy and I started a fruit juice distribution business which we had to shut down.

We had grown to fast, to rapidly to 200 customers but our cash deficit was killing us as we needed way more investment just to hold stock to supply our existing customer base without even growing the business further.

Then we joined 2 new startups in sales and customer acquisition in 2012 - 2014 one was coffee and the other was going to be the next Youtube which turned out to be a "ponzi scheme" -OUCH.

That truly was two of the most horriblest companies to work for, but at the same time the best learning experiences of our lives. 

My weight blew out to 132 kilos and I was on the fast train to a heart attack.

Today I'm way more active and healthier too.

Don't get me wrong we have had some wins on the way  also whereby I achieved Google Photographer of the year for Google 360 business view photography.

But through it all My brother and I have always had a deep attachment to people, because we actually do care.

We also love what we do.

Plus if you can't make a difference - what's the point.

Which brings us to Raysafe Workwear.

Can we make a difference?

If We Work Together can we save the Planet?

I Believe We Can.

Raysafe is at the forefront of locally made manufacturing in Sydney, Australia which we are proud of. 

Even if you decide not to do any business with us, at least Support Australian Manufacturing.

Also Support Products which Help the Environment and have a greater impact while Saving the Planet.

Cheers Joe Wall.


- Other team Raysafe profiles to follow.

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